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Cleansing your skin can seem pretty simple. You just wet your face, work in the cleanser and wash it off but it is not actually that simple and many do not know mistakes you can make.

Here are mistakes you are making without even realising…

Face wipes

Face wipes seem like the easy option to remove your makeup and cleanse but they actually damage your skin. Many face wipes contain chemicals which dissolve makeup but will harm your skin. Makeup wipes also do not properly cleanse your skin they mostly smear around the dirt and dead skin, they will actually only remove a small amount. 

Cleansing too often

Cleansing over two times a day can be bad for your skin. It can lead to dry, irritated skin; this is down to removing the skins essential oils which make the skin hydrated. You should only be cleansing morning and night every day. 

Harsh cleansers on oily skin

Using a harsh cleanser to get rid of oily skin will not work instead you will just strip the natural oils which hydrate the skin. By removing theses oils you will make your skin produce more oils to make up for the ones lost, this is the skin’s natural response. 

Using hot water then switching to cold

Many people start of wetting their skin with hot water to open pores then apply cold water after cleansing to close them. DO NOT do this! You are putting your skin into shock and could cause more skin problems. It is best to stick with lukewarm water. 

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