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Breakouts can make you want to scrub away your face with exfoliator to get rid of any risks of more spots. However, this could be making your skin worse according to experts.

Exfoliating is a necessary part of skincare if you want to keep your skin looking its best. Exfoliation encourages the removal of dead cells then the replacement of new skin cells. It is important to exfoliate regularly as your skin can take to keep it looking smooth, bright and healthy-looking.

How regularly you should exfoliate is all down to your skin type and the sorts of exfoliants you use. You should only be exfoliating as often as your skin can handle. The most recommended usage is once or twice a week.

Over exfoliating can cause long-lasting damage. If you over-exfoliate, the skin’s barrier function can become compromised, skin can become dehydrated and capillaries become damaged. It will make acne a lot worse as it can pull away all the healthy skin cells and create ‘open wounds’ which is a higher risk for scarring.

This does not mean stay away from exfoliating if you have acne, exfoliating is highly recommended for acne if you do not over-exfoliate. Exfoliation helps with acne as it is removing all the dirt, oils and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface meaning it will not inflame the skin more. Acne-causing bacteria love dead skin cells as it is what they go for so by exfoliating you are removing all the properties which develop acne.


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