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Do I Have Dry Skin?

Do you have dry skin? This 5-minute guide will tell you the characteristics and all you need to know.

What characteristics does dry skin have?

Dry skin has many characteristics, the main ones are:

  • Skin may be uncomfortable and tight
  • Skin may be rough and dull
  • Flaky skin may appear
  • Pores will be invisible
  • Red patches of skin
  • Irritated skin

The best product to use is ingredients such as olive or jojoba seed oils this helps to lock in moisture also its best to use rich hydrating products to help to clear dry skin.

Dry skin can affect anyone but there are four main factors that can cause it, these are: age, medical history, season and/or bathing habits. The older adults are more likely to develop dry skin, this is because your skin starts to produce less oil (sebum) which raises the risk of dry skin if you do not moisturise. Medical history can make you more prone to eczema or just dry skin if you have a history of these conditions or if family members have it. Dry skin is common during the autumn and winter seasons as the air temperature starts to drop therefore your skin will start to dry out. If you have a shower, bath or wash your face with hot water your skin will become dry as it is taking all the hydration out of your skin.

Things you can try to help stop dry skin are:

  • avoid using very hot water in showers or baths
  • keep your shower time under 10 minutes
  • Use moisturising soap/body wash
  • apply moisturiser every day, especially straight after a shower, bath or washing your face
  • Pat rather than rub wet skin with a soft towel
  •  Avoid itching dry patches of skin
  • Drink plenty of water

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